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Driver Training Package.

A Total Comprehensive Program for Adults and Teens designed to make you the best driver you can be.

Your Instructor will pick you up in a Professional Drive America Car. 


Free pick up from home, school or work.


6 Hour Driver Training Program          

(3 lessons ,2 hours each lesson)

Includes the Completion Certificate for your Driver License.


You can book lessons over the phone with $0.0 down.


Call us now to set up your lessons.  


Text us at  559-451-6117

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6 Hour Driver Training Package Full Payment $350.00

First Lesson Down Payment $120.00


This is a single 2 hour driving lesson. We pick you up and drop you off. This lesson can be designed to fix any problems you’re having or brush up on skills or prep you for an upcoming drive test at the DMV or just get behind the wheel for the first time. You are welcome to do as many 2 hour lessons as needed.


You can pay for your 2 Hour lesson through PayPal below, and then book over the phone!

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One 2 hour Driving Lesson $120.00

No Permit, No problem. At Drive America you can drive without a permit. Ask about our "Student License Program" It's Free !

Already have a permit and need it signed. Call us and we will schedule you a quick lesson to get your permit signed so you can legally drive.

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DMV Drive Test Lesson

2 Hour Prep and Drive Test at DMV                    

This package includes two lessons. A brush up driving lesson to get you ready for your drive test, then we will schedule a drive test at the DMV.

Then we will prep you for the DMV drive test and take you to the DMV to take the drive test in our vehicle. This package increases your ability to pass the drive test and come home with your Driver License.

**Please note that the DMV drive test is subject to your ability to safely pass the test. If the instructor feels you are unsafe, or you will not pass, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to take the test.

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Drive Test Package 2 Lessons $240.00

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Are you ready to start Driving?